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Learn how to save a life today

Just took the online portion of the Red Cross's adult first aid/CPR/AED course and the children with the adult faces are pure nightmare fuel. 



The adult on the left has actual detailed human looking hands not these baseball glove poor excuse for ones.
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It's been a year...

It's been a year since your death. Rest in Peace Harambe.  I hope there is a banana cake for your birthday in heaven.

When you reply to a review with the entire bee movie script...

1000 characters at a time

Vaporwave: The existentialism of the 21st century

What is V A P O R W A V E?
Vaporwave is an electronic music sub genre that originated during the early 2010's on the internet. It is characterized by a nostalgic & surrealist fascination with retro design, consumer capitalism, existentialism, and popular culture. Art that embraces low poly, VHS, cassette tapes, Japanese neo tokyo, cyberpunk tropes, Greco Roman art, early 90s adverts, old computers - all classified as “aesthetics”. The sound of vaporwave consists of slowed down sampling of lounge or elevator music, smooth jazz, 80s music, and a self-aware attribution art theory that tries to create something new whilst at the same time retaining a sense of nostalgia and wonder for the future or a blurry past. Vaporwave is an internet meme as much as it is a rising avant-garde art movement using old forms to create something new. What is Existentialism?
Existentialism is a philosophy that sprung up in the early 20th century around the time of WWI that emphasizes individuality, free…

*cough cough... Griptape Backbone is out on Gamejolt 2 days before release on Steam

Recently got an email, and it raised some valid points. SOooo.... Check it out mai boiiiii

Griptape Backbone OST

*cough cough* Griptape is almost finished. *cough*

Here's a disappointing picture.

I post on this blog the most regularly, but even so. I usually post in batches. Just released like 2 HUGE posts about Awkward Dimensions Redux. I think the blog needs a funny pallet cleanser,  so voila!

Awkward Dimensions Scrapped Postmortem

I wrote this months ago, when the game first was released on steam. All the overwhelming chaos of releasing a game, having your phone vibrate off the table with email notifications from fan and hate mail, reading thousands of reviews, watching all the never ending lets plays, reading all the analytical articles... basically seeing people read your diary and rate it, have opinions on it, trash it, praise it...

It was a overwhelming. And I wrote this to get out those feelings then. I've changed my tune, I look at things more fondly with thicker skin than before. However I still kept it as a draft to publish because all of it was true back then. So let this be just a frame of reference to my most recent article "a reply to a year old article" to what I was feeling when all the stuff in the paragraph above was happening in real time. And looking back at them both, they're almost the same. One's a little friendlier and better written than the other, but that's abou…

A reply to a year old article

this is a reply to an article, and a sort of post mortem for Awkward Dimensions Redux. Not entirely so, since the game isn't dead. Far from it in fact, but I do feel I've put it off for long enough now and people should have more context. Because, why not?

An open letter to valve

Money does not equal quality. Shovelware is now guaranteed if they have the money to back it, and believe me they still do. While subjective humans can tell a good game from a bad one, and if the community is the one paying for it, then they it's only sensible for them to get a say. Free games, student projects, and indie games from actually small indies will be gone and that's all that separates Steam from Origin or Uplay. You will seriously jade your relationship with players and with devs who don't have the money. Yes there are those greenlight games that take bribes with those who have 1000 accounts and mysteriously get greenlit, but then there are the honest devs who work their ass off for nothing just to get a free passion project on steam for people to enjoy. Steam direct will be the biggest mistake you make if you go through with it. Paywalls are never good for anyone. Steam greenlight was a greenlight for indies, steam direct is a red light and a direct way for st…

Visit me in Austin!

I got student showcase, that's pretty cool. Come visit my booth if you're in Austin, TX for sxsw.

More griptape progress

After much debate I think I'll keep the original trick system, but I will have a mini game trick session type thing where you can create your own tricks free form and play a game of S.K.A.T.E with god.

Griptape Progress is good

I locked myself in my room for 72 hours over the weekend + Martin Luther King day and managed to be somewhat productive. Here's some screenshots.
new npc quest
 I added a moon to the skybox  changed the board art Just realized I had hand placed each of the 1962 collectables on the map. And I still have more to place... what am I even doing with my life?!
And I still have to populate more parts of the map with dank ramps, more npc interactions and story elements, an ending, a kickass tutorial, and fix some annoying ass bugs with the movement physics... 
Seriously... if I didn't have school or a play to direct or college scholarship apps I'd be so much happier. Really. I really would. I probably could finish this game in two weeks if I was working full time... but I'll just have to wait. Hopefully Microsoft won't be pissed that I can't make the expected release this spring for Ultra Dance Murder, which I haven't even touched for forever...

New game lads

I only see the bad reviews

Less than a day ago my game Awkward Dimensions Redux was released. Since then it has been played by 3,779 players, 12 of which sent me very nicely written emails and or friend requests about how much they enjoyed the game and how it has affected them. There are as of now 48 reviews, and 4 of those reviews are negative. One review is actually fair, it mentioned how the game was too artistic for their tastes, but that an art school student would actually enjoy it. Another review said it was the "most pretentious shit" they've ever interacted with, which if you look at it can be a compliment. Third review admitted to the game being a good interesting game, but because they had a headache they couldn't give it a good review. And finally and foremost a seven paragraph essay chalked full of as many insults and profanity as possible. At first I had a good laugh at the immense detail and passion that went into crafting this essay of hate; it was impressive. However, I could…

Awkward Dimensions is now on Steam

Awkward Dimensions Redux's OST is now live on youtube

Okay people, I have an answer to the strife between black lives matter and all lives matter with a dank OC meme.

I can change the world with memes, even if it's one existential meme at a time.

I've learned how to make skins...

Skins with Skin, get it? Eh? Ehhh?

Awkward Dimensions Redux Gameplayey Trailer

Awkward Release Trailer: I JUST FINISHED THE GAME YO!

Modern art or my toddler sketches?

How to model a doggo in Blender 4 newbs

Get a reference image of doggo, press "N" and import said doggo image

In edit mode, extrude a plain and manipulate edges n' vertices to look like doggo

Extrude doggo with mirror modifier and clipping on, then delete faces between legs

Unwrap the doggo UV, then paint the doggo UV. Cycles is the best blender renderer.
Now you have a doggo, congrats!

Dank Arch Viz: The Sensual Architecture Sim that nobody asked for

Postal post mortem

It's July of 2016 now, one year ago I wrote a one act play titled Postal for a school assignment for my theatre class. My teacher had mentioned that I should enter a revised version of it to the international thespian playworks competition. If I won, I would be able to go to nationals for free on a scholarship and have my play get a staged reading and possibly published. So why not enter it? Skip ahead a couple of months, it's December and the deadline for submission is drawing near, so I submit. I get an email around February saying that I made it to semi finalists, really awesome! Then the wait... three months of agonizing waiting. Do I message them, and ask "what's the holdup?". Would that ruin my chances of getting selected? Would that make me come off as impatient or needy, maybe even unprofessional?! These thoughts ran through my head every moment in the day. Finally, it was mid may and I just couldn't wait any longer. Nationals was drawing near i…

Not the lighting bugs again...

I think I'll stop drawing people for a while...

How should entertainment be consumed?

I honestly hate people who use video games as a scapegoat for society's problems. "Video games are evil, they cause school shootings and teach kids through latent learning and desensitization to violence to become murders!!!" And even though I love psychology and the thought behind it, at the end of the day it's all about money. Psychologists know that causation doesn't equal correlation, especially with all those pesky confounding variables that seem to be infinite. So why do psychologists attack games? It's easier than admitting that gun violence's root is the gun itself, but if you made that the story on television than who would fund or provide these psychologists with grants to do research? "People would start to want to regulate guns, the government would come to take them out of our dying corpses, and chaos would rain free with all them' gay hippies n' liberals..." I think you get my sarcasm as well as my point. However, ther…

Ultra Dance Murder Legacy is up!

It's not the remastered version I've been recently developing, its the version of the game that I abandoned. However, that wasn't very nice now was it... so I published what I had for the original online free to play for all. Enjoy! Play here or here.

7 Viewers a day

On average this blog, my personal everything blog, gets viewed by 7 strangers a day consistently. I'm curious who those people are, if they're the same people, if they actually get anything out of reading about my life, how they found this blog... So if you're one of the seven possible regulars, comment saying "Hello!".

Update: 5/10/2016

My play POSTAL didn't get past semi finalists, but I'm still going to continue to write. Screw them, and I know that's immature, but that's how I'm handling it. OK!?
Good news I got Roger in the producers, also a part in Hamlet! Hurray for being a good actor still!
Shitty news, I'm a lonely sunova bitch still. It is not better to have loved, have that love be unrequited, realize that's it's your fault because you had the opportunity for that relationship but screwed it up years earlier when you weren't ready, than not to have loved at all. I lied, it is, it just hurts. But hey! That's what you've got a tub of salsa and an entire bag of chips to yourself for! God I love comfort food.

End of the year self evaluation - Junior Year

1. What was the ONE big thing you took away from Solo Projects, Shakespeare, and TML? It's hard to group all of these different chaotic experiences together with just one lesson because they taught me very different things. However, I took away a better understanding of myself not just as an artist this time but as a person. I had the revelation in Solo Projects that I as a man can have emotions for myself, not some character I'm portraying, but genuine outward expression of what I'm feeling on the inside; I realized that there's a lot of negative and unhealthy patterns in my life, in my thought process, and behavior that have been to an extent self destructive that I've just ignored, suppressed, and kept quiet about but putting it onstage, in my games, and in writing has been the therapy I might have needed. Shakespeare was an exercise in trying to separate what I was feeling onstage vs real life, because when you're so caught up with the scene and really fee…

Merely Players

by. Steven Harmon      John Tierney says in an article “There is also a school of philosophers — in fact, perhaps the majority school — who consider free will compatible with their definition of determinism. These compatibilists believe that we do make choices, even though these choices are determined by previous events and influences,” and that does sound simple enough to understand at face value. However, such as simple answer to an infinitely deep question leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Many theologians would say that fate is predetermined and known by God, yet somehow man has free will regardless of God's foreknowledge. The logic behind the common reasoning seems misplaced as well, so in order to understand this complex problem it's important to break it down into small digestible bits.       Bit one: Time. Time is a collection and measurement of variable and events in the past, present, and future, and time in that sense is infinitely continuous in either direction. Time …