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Hype ( The promotional kind not the needle kind )

First things first making games is something that takes time, and when I speak of time here's an estimation of how long it will take you or me to make a game 0.001 - 5
Notice I didn't put any more description on the estimation values in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years; that's because art shouldn't be rushed with deadlines of any sort, so when people keep on asking for games that are highly anticipated games to come out sooner remember that the developers are under a lot of pressure to deliver, so when you are rushing them they will hurry and make a worse game, so don't do that. Give the developer time to make their game. Games should wait to announce when the game is around 90% percent finished, because if they announce a cool trailer when the game is nowhere close to being finished people will go through some stages of many different emotions...

Stage 1: Super Excited / Asking tons of frequently asked questions ( This is good )
Stage 2: Really Excited / Stalking ( Still good )
Stage 3: Angry / Making mean comments on the games forums & pages to hurry up ( Not Good )
Stage 4: Cannibalistic Warrior Exo-Skeleton Fans come to the dev's door hungry ( Really Bad)

Some game developers have made the mistake of revealing their awesome game way to early, and the results didn't go so well; a good example of this was Fez one of my favorite games of all time with the some of the best reviews, but it took 3 years which is very short compared to the average 5 years for mainstream games like Grand Theft Auto,Battlefield,Watch Dogs, and list goes on and on; where did Fez go wrong? I will tell you where... the too early reveal; that is the reason why people made Phil Fish an unhappy person for the games development process especially when he went through a lot of tough things at the same time. Fez isn't the only game to make this common mistake, so don't take this the wrong way. All in all games are the most popular form of entertainment and should be careful when timing their promotions.