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Just a few days with Black Ink, and this is what I have.

An Update

So to start off I view games as a therapeutic medium for self expression or self preservation for me. I came out to my parents the night I released the game. I didn't want to have them know from a video game, but I wanted them to know all the same. You never can fully know what will happen when you come out, if it goes good or bad; I would think in it in terms as if the scenario was a text adventure with branching endings that depended on how it happened, so I went through every possible outcome in my head since I was 12. I came up with a list a while back of fun ways to brake the ice when I do come out to my parents or friends; some of them are quite hilarious I think. I knew they wouldn't see the post since they don't read my blog at all, but these were opportunities that I was just waiting for that I might feel comfortable carrying out. I was caught off guard. My parents were watching YouTube on the ps3 in the living room and were looking for my videos (trailers an…

First Impressions on Black Ink

Just bought BlackInk last night, and I've been messing around with it drawing honey badgers since I had also just watched the documentary about them. Also tried getting my first gen galaxy connected to my pc as a drawing tablet, but its too old apparently, but I think I'm doing well with just a mouse. Writing with a mouse is the most difficult though.

Moar Glitch Art

Just a little preview to update ya'll on what I'm working on.

Snake risks life to save fish

Animals aren’t born with hate, because fishes are friends not food.

Trooo: The Ten Commandments of PC Gaming

G҉̕͘l̛̀i̧t͡ć̸ḩ͞͞ ̸UŔ̴s̸͠L͏EF̛̀ ̵͘cl̕e̛an̛͘̕

Glitch out whenever someone is on your mind.

Finding American values in not so American Places: Going after Cacciato

//Just read a book called Going After Cacciato and loved it, so here is an article I wrote just talking about it, thinking about it, and relating it to my life/the prompt. I fucking hate prompts.
Steven Harmon Teacher Michael Thorton American Lit & Composition 2 December 2014
American Values in not so American Places: Going After Cacciato      Tim O'Brien once said in an interview “America gave me Vietnam. I want to give it back.” (349) Going After Cacciato is more than just a war novel; its a peace novel. Sure its set in the Vietnam War with its mosquitoes, paddies, mines, muddy villages on fire, and the occasional lethal confrontation with the VC in checking tunnels before blowing them, but its in this surreal journey in catching Cacciato in Paris that raises questions on war itself and American values at that time. “He would of liked winning it, true, but that wasn’t the issue. He would've liked showing the medal to his father, the heavy feel of it, looking his father in the …

G͏̕͜li̸͞t̷̕c͏̷̶h͘ ͘͟U̵̡͜rs̡e̸̡lf̶͘ ͘C̨͟͟l̸͟e͞a͝͏n͟

What happened to Indie Statik?!?!

I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to read some articles on Indie Statik today when I found this.  So WTF happened to it? I just wanted to read this article about a game of mine Awkward Dimensions.

Hopefully it isn't gone for good, because it was the best indie game journalism site out there. Maybe it has to do something with Josh's incident and Chris stepping down and maybe this new fireside thing? I really want to know what happened to Indie Statik, so if you could comment and give me some answer.

I wrote some poetry today

Ululate with apologies to Allen Ginsberg's Howl I saw the best minds of my generation dulled by easy access, bored hyperactive, confused, skimming the screen till morning for comfort waiting for a message, celestial outsiders yearning for a connection in their isolation, who work and pry and bagged-eyes and tired oh so tired chin on their knee in the darkness abyss of cold vacant beds static amongst the others engrossed in brainless activity, who slid by head down with mad minimum requirements and foolish free time, who ate on a full stomach with dormant brows echoing a collapsing cognition of Camping and Visits on a warm nigh rocking chair, open window, who were kicked from servers and schools alike for random death matches & pushing deadlines on the crevices of the mind palace, who cowered behind an electric monitor in boxers, multitasking with no defined goal in mind just work & playing classical: Chopin, Clair de lune, cranium overdose of words in wordless songs, open and emp…

I'm feeling like a...Naturalist today!

I try to be funny on tumblr

Creative Coming Out Ideas For Bisexuals

Coming out ideas
1. Hide n' Seek, then hide in the closet so when they find you, you can say "Wow, I thought I'd be in there forever!"
2. You: Did you know you can survive in space for over a minute without a spacesuit, also I'm bi. Other: WHAT?! You: Yup, over a minute. 3. "I'm straight...straight up bisexual" 4. Hangman __ ________ "I'm bisexual" 5. "Lets get something straight here: I'm not" 6. Throw penis shaped fruits n' veggies and say "These are some of my favorite things..." 7. Point at same sex crotch and ask to friend "You gonna eat that?" as if you were going to 8. Just act more flaming, so there's no need to come out. 9. Spell out "I'm bi" in scrabble on family game night, after you made family game night a thing. 10. Call parents/friends to come outside in the backyard to see a giant rainbow, then stand there with a sign saying "I'm bi! Surprise!!!"
11. Have selfie ca…

I really should upload it.

Death of a Salesman, and mobile crap games

Steven Harmon Michael Thornton American Lit & Composition October 9 2014
American values      There are many values that are distinctly American, and can only happen in America. We believe in work and reward, honesty, practicality, free enterprise, self achievement, individualism, privacy, equality, time, change, and control over life; these things matter, although are they realistic or even feasible? In reading Death of a Salesman I find this hodgepodge we call “The American Dream” something that in a sense has to be interpreted correctly and used as a value, not a philosophy. I will delve into the text to find where Willy Lowman went wrong in his pursuit of happiness through his idealistic and materialistic values.      This is a man who is unable to accept the truth of his life, who mixes up his shattered abstraction of the American dream and his own life; this is Willy Lowman. You want him to be a worm like Bernard? He's got spirit, personality.” Line 375, and Bernard is workin…

What is love, baby don't hurt me... Chemistry of love

Steven Harmon 9/29/2014
We all as a society view love as something that is from the heart, but the heart is really
just a muscular organ that pumps blood through vessels to provide nutrients and oxygen to
keep us alive, and remove toxins and waste from the body. So what does this weird organ
have anything to do with love? Well the human heart is in the chest which is where you have
noticeable effects of this “love” thing that includes stomach fluttering as well as heart
thumping, therefore people got the idea that love has something to do with our heart which is
partly true. This tongue tied, dry mouth, sweaty, nervousness we get when we see our crush
look our way is just a mixture of chemicals, thus the reason why people call it chemistry.
Love in itself is like a drug since people have it, and others really really really want it. People go to crazy lengths to get love, just like the lunatic druggies found on the side of Colfax do so for their fixes. Drugs are addictive from what I h…

How to deal with dramatic posts on Facebook

Memes, memes are always the answer.

Its funny, but ... I still hate bugs.

And just when I was about to send a build to the SUPER HOT guys...

Concept Art Is Go!!!

Rock N' Roll!!!

taken from my wop

Nothing much, just recreating SUPER HOT...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but...

I consider myself a feminist, but at the same time I think its better to be an equalist even though it isn't an organised party of sorts. I read in TIME Magazine the other day about these free camps that help teach girls and girls alone computer science and help prepare them for a career. I get that there is a gap in men to women ratio of workers in math and computer sciences as well as sports (I hate sports by the way), but did it ever occur to them that its not the quota that says "Hi were not a discriminatory school! See we have the same amount of guys and girls in this one subject!", but maybe there isn't as much of an interest in these fields among girls? This may or may not be true, and I could sound like a total dick, but its something to think of. They try to force these girls in these camps to prove society wrong and to work in this industry, but every girl that doesn't want to be there could one less guy that might want to be there? Logic is weird,…

Looks like Norton got jealous of Unity

Facebook messenger the gateway to dystopian society? Maybe?

So if you haven't heard about Facebook's messenger app taking away any privacy you had on your phone, and being able to send messages to your contacts from you, then I think you should be more concerned. Personally I tried uninstalling Facebook from my phone, it wouldn't let me. Of course I can go and connect it to my desktop with a USB chord, then remove it manually, but will the average Joe consider that? Nope. This post, if visible is a warning to you that you should always confirm things in person, because the chat room isn't private. Steven out.

Go Home Ship You're Drunk

Fuck Physics Man...

Console War

The console wars are just plain stupid.
     I would love to have an Xbox and PlayStation, but I'm not made of money. Most people can only afford to have one console per generation of consoles, thus they attack the other console, because they can't have it. If someone has both systems, they would use them both for what they have to offer. Its just a matter of defending what you have, because you want your console to be more popular so that your friends will get one, and play with you. 

That was my little bit for the day!

The Relation Between Games and Theater

Before I start I think its important to let you know my background. My name is Steven Harmon, and I'm an independent game developer and actor. Odd combination right? Anyways, I think its important to reflect on how one can grow as an actor alongside a programmer making meaningful, helpful connections that are invaluable to any aspiring actor or game developer. So here it goes...

SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF           . What it is in game development and design: A good game immerses its player into the mechanics, story, audio, visual aesthetic, and execution. This is a difficult task, but there's some brief important concepts that need to stick with you to make life easier. People need to get drawn into the game; this can be done with interesting new game play mechanics or gimmicks, glamorous pieces of audiovisual art that take your breath away, and just a well written story. Bonus points if you can do all these! Remember its aesth…

Low Poly Art is go!

Conceptual Low Poly Art

Simulating low poly reactive water in Unity

Perlin Noise can be your best friend.

My angsty rant about Desura

Recently I had finished a game of mine called Interstellar Sex Police which I thought was one of my more polished games, so I decided I would put it on more places than one. I uploaded no problem to, Game Jolt, and Indiedb/Moddb, but Desura had a longer process; it was very similar, and almost identical to the process for Indiedb/Moddb except it needed to be approved. I waited, then waited, and waited until I found a message in my inbox: the message read "Hey there, Apologies for the delay as we've had a lot of game submissions. Unfortunately, we have decided not to move forward with publishing as the game does not have quite the level of polish we look for in games on Desura." I accept that, and the game was going to be free anyway... The thing that gets me is the "polish" they expect, because their most popular games that aren't triple AAA or popular mods, usually aren't very good. Nothing personal, its just some of the games I've dow…

C'mon Phil, are you kidding me?

"YouTubers should have to pay out a huge portion of their revenue to the developers from which they steal all their content" - Phil Fish
     Not only is this a ludicrous statement, but a statement that wont make you any friends. You may have a lot of attention for this Phil, but that doesn't make it good attention. Phil later compared video game lets plays to streaming an entire movie for free on the internet, which is stupid because games can't really be compared to any other medium since its exclusively interactive; everyone in video games will come out with a different personalized experience based on what they did, what they chose to do in the game, so its really content creation on both sides.
     Its not a matter of who owes who; its a matter of mutual benefit for the YouTuber and the developer, because the dev gets more traffic on their game from the YouTuber's audience and an excuse to not have to make a trailer for the game, whereas the YouTuber gets s…

Ah, the lovely lets play.

I really love YouTube and its people.
Things should just be free. Period, but people got to live. So I'll try making something free, and if it does well free...I'll go commercial and make it awesome!!! (Like SuperHot)
So here's the game. play it, please.

How to make your first game without really trying

So you want to make games, huh?
Something really ambitious, awesome, open world, and just epic? Too bad.
That big game isn't going to be your first game, because you need to fail before you can succeed.

For example one of my first games 0 Degrees was a terrible 2D platformer with the guy saves girl plot device with a twist at the end(s); it wasn't special, it was broken. The game had this huge bug, where you could jump, double jump, triple jump, and so on since I didn't think logically when I was 13 that you needed to detect if the player has landed on the ground before he could jump again, yet I played it off and made the mechanics around that bug. Of course it was terrible still, yet I finished it. It even got a review, which wasn't the nicest review, but it was a review none the less and I was proud. So the lesson is to make something simple, experiment, fail, make more stuff, fail quicker the next time, continue to make, release, then fail until you've made you…