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How Long Will Greenlight Last?

What is Steam Greenlight? Its a system that allows the community to vote for what indie games they would like to see on Steam’s marketplace from looking at various game pages with videos, screenshots, and other information about the games.      In the indie gaming community Steam’s launch of Greenlight was that light at the end of the tunnel for every independent developer out there, because it gave us a better chance at getting our game or mod on Steam; now if you for some odd reason have been living under a rock for the past ten years in pc gaming, Steam is the biggest if not best gaming network, marketplace, and community for gamers from all walks of life. The previous process of getting a game on Steam was a behind closed doors shaking hands type of thing between the developers and Steam which was so political where you had to already made something on Steam to put something on Steam, so Greenlight was an amazing change of pace. Greenlight was such a popular service to the po…

Wait for a second... I'm thinking clearly.

These past few days I've been making another artsy game that sounded like something cool and finishable, but after working on it... I found I wasn't having fun working on it. And thats when the slump began. Its like writers block, but feels worse; you can't model well, script well, or do anything well. I thought finishing another small project would end the slump, but it only made it worse and discouraged me a little more. I thought a lot on this matter after playing an unearthly amount of Grand Theft Auto 5, and I thought to myself... I want to make something that's actually fun, not just something that people look at and say "Whats the meaning in this? I don't get it. Eh its just not my cup of tea." I want to make something that I would have fun testing, so I decided the best thing to do is take a break from games besides Shank Murderface which is different-ish, because I'm working with a friend on it so I don't have to worry about everythi…


 Video Games are art by. yours truly - Steven Harmon 
     Older adults should think of this new and vastly evolving form of media: video games not as a waste of time and resources, but a respectable art form that takes a tremendous amount of work and has countless benefits to those who play them. Before I even go into why Video Games are art, you need to know something: video games are at that point where they are evolving to the point of broken boundaries of what can and cannot be a video game with experimental independent projects coming from people all over the world; this form of media cannot be described very well in a word, but can art be described in only one word?      OK, so now is the time when we ask ourselves “Can we classify video games as art when we all have are own definitions of them both?,” well yes. Its a matter of asking ourselves what do all the other accepted forms of art have in common making them be generally perceived as art; I’m going to be honest with you, …