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Wait for a second... I'm thinking clearly.

     These past few days I've been making another artsy game that sounded like something cool and finishable, but after working on it... I found I wasn't having fun working on it. And thats when the slump began. Its like writers block, but feels worse; you can't model well, script well, or do anything well. I thought finishing another small project would end the slump, but it only made it worse and discouraged me a little more. I thought a lot on this matter after playing an unearthly amount of Grand Theft Auto 5, and I thought to myself... I want to make something that's actually fun, not just something that people look at and say "Whats the meaning in this? I don't get it. Eh its just not my cup of tea." I want to make something that I would have fun testing, so I decided the best thing to do is take a break from games besides Shank Murderface which is different-ish, because I'm working with a friend on it so I don't have to worry about everything, although sometimes I feel like I do. 

     I think I, as well as so many other indie game developers need to remember is before starting a new project: "If we are not having fun making the game, then we probably aren't making a fun game." That being said... I'm going to take some time off from 2 of my 3 projects (The Ally with life game/Getting Out) and focus on learning how to code better, live life more, and socialize more often instead of making angsty artistic piles of poo that sit on my list of the games I made; I want to make something that I would enjoy just as much as I enjoy games like GTA 5, Mirrors Edge, Hotline Miami, and soo on. I don't know how long this break will be, but I think its for the best; Cheers!