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Looking at College

Damn, I don't know what to think anymore. I had this tunnel vision perspective with digipen and how its the place of my dreams, but after seeing the price of tuition and room and board adding up to an astonishing $100,000 dollars, and all the dropout reviews of it I was in shock. My escape plan after high school was crushed. The fact that I'd have to be a math genius was difficult to access at first, but I know that applies to any computer science education. I was also fine with having to be broken and rebuilt with loads of work throughout the four years. The thing that caught me was the tuition, and the dropout rate. Everyone said just to go to community college and get a degree in computer science instead of being in debt for the next 10 years of your life with nothing to show for it. Perhaps I should just go to a state school where everything is much cheaper and I can just learn C++ and how to use all the engines and try to get connections and a job. Maybe I should take my …

Why, I don't know if I'm ready to be a leader yet.

I just went off. I went off. It wasn't one of those ALL CAPS "I'm angry at you, here is an ultimatum!!!" messages, it was just a cleanly written ".. I get it if you don't want to contribute, but if you don't want to work and be a part of this project and do your own thing, then let me know now..." kind of posts that compares him to the other team member who is doing his work, and I realized that I made a huge mistake. I can't hold them to my standards of perfection, because after all it was just a small project for 9th grad french class. So when I suggest video game and 2 tag alongs want to join me I do what any person would do let them and teach them along the way by giving them tasks to do while I do what I do to save time and become efficient and get this game out before the project deadline. So I work like 10+ hours busting my ass on personal time to code, model, and prepare this game for his song, and his simple skybox, and that doesn&…

Sex Robots, Videogames, and Teenage Pregnancy

Steven Harmon Transsexual Sex Robots, Video Games, and Teenage Pregnancy 4/19/2014
     Overpopulation is a bad thing. That is very true; we use up our resources at a faster rate than we can resupply them, yet we as a species keep on having more children even though we know that if we continue this our children will have ran out of the most common resources by 2050 (Townsend 1); this simply cannot happen, unless of course we find another planet to colonize before then. Although since the recent drop in NASA funding (Dreier 1) we probably won't get to that Goldie Locks type of planet anytime soon, so the only way to avoid global thermonuclear war over resources among all the powerful nations of the world as seen in the feature film War Games is to be abstinent.

Video Games And Their Effect On The Human Body

by.Steven Harmon Video games, they’re just images and sounds that can be manipulated by the player; these video games sound quite simple, yet they have become so much more than anyone could have imagined. The video game industry has become much larger than any other form of media out there and makes about $11 Billion dollars in revenue annually (esrb), so these made interactive vastly evolving programs are becoming quite popular, so popular that 58% of the United States population are playing them (esa 4),and often since the gamer on average plays 3 hours a day (Cook 1); that 3 hours a day spread amongst 58% of the entire US population ends up being 183 million hours a day that is being used playing video games, and some might see that as a waste of time and resources, some might find a useful application for that time, but did anyone think about  what these video games are doing to us? Overprotective parents usually want to…

How to get rid of writers block

Writers block, a slump, rough patch whatever you call it, it can feel awful for a creative person, someone who's art is the only reason they get out of bed each morning; it happened to me and if your looking at this, it probably happened to you too. After having a semi successful game of mine released I thought I had to make a game that was better than what I had made previously something more meaningful, esoteric, and personal than the past: that is when I started digging myself into this depressing void we call writers block. It was terrible. I would sit at the computer and open up all my tools such as blender, unity, twine, audio sauna, and I would just stare at all those open windows and not know what to do. I tried the usual take your time and it will all pass, but time passed and no inspiration came to me, and I'm the type of person who is always ready for an idea with a notepad and pencil on me at all times no matter where I go.
     After a few weeks I was loosing…