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How to get rid of writers block

     Writers block, a slump, rough patch whatever you call it, it can feel awful for a creative person, someone who's art is the only reason they get out of bed each morning; it happened to me and if your looking at this, it probably happened to you too. After having a semi successful game of mine released I thought I had to make a game that was better than what I had made previously something more meaningful, esoteric, and personal than the past: that is when I started digging myself into this depressing void we call writers block. It was terrible. I would sit at the computer and open up all my tools such as blender, unity, twine, audio sauna, and I would just stare at all those open windows and not know what to do. I tried the usual take your time and it will all pass, but time passed and no inspiration came to me, and I'm the type of person who is always ready for an idea with a notepad and pencil on me at all times no matter where I go.
     After a few weeks I was loosing interest in the things I loved most, so something had to be done. I made as much assets for a game I could possibly make and none of them fit together, there was no passion behind that project file. I decided to put my life, schoolwork, and such on hold until I found the solution to this problem. I figured what was going wrong, and it was me working on all the filler ideas such as visuals, music, story, and themes before working on what really mattered, the game mechanics. I still felt a little trapped in my own head, sort of empty while working on some game play prototypes with no real graphics just some testing cubes.
     I worked on my own custom character controller, and a camera mechanic with zoom, real time capturing screenshots into your project folder, and sound effects, flashing spotlight; it was an older idea I could never find a use for, and the controller itself was very buggy, but it worked. There was a game jam called the cyberpunk jam that was coming up, and I thought if I could finish a project and claim a small victory I could break this blockage. It was still a buggy game, but I thought to myself if the game play was buggy, then the game could all look buggy, thus I got the art style,  and the theme/story-ish. I realized what fun games have in common, they all are self aware for the most part, which makes it much more of an honest experience.
     The game was finished, and even though there was no praise, or reassurance through others it didn't matter. It didn't matter that the game was worse than the last one I made, it didn't matter if the game meant anything to anyone, it only truly mattered to me; it was the refreshing reminder that I can make games for the sake of making games, not to be better or grow. I can't expect for inspiration to always be at my door, I can only be ready for it to come. Also a thing that helps is to have another hobby or art form to in a way counter the insanity that comes with the other. This isn't a simple how to, but I can tell you to assess whats wrong, and go back to whats right; its that simple. Its how such great artists make such great content its because they know who they are, and what works best for them.
     Game development is unlike any other art form. It has no instructions, no dos and don'ts and if you find anywhere that has those, they are wrong; rules are made and broken so quickly in this medium that there is no room for expectations, only growth. After all it is one of the newest art forms to date, thus the doubt from some of society. You are only given the tools for success with no real idea on what to do with them. You will probably start out copying and mixing genres and games that you adore, but after a while you will learn, you will become a genuine artist of your own making, not from some borrowed sense of rules and guidelines. It can be a scary industry to get into, and it can't be taught only discovered. The short answer is to make stuff, then make more stuff, until you are subconsciously bored of making complete crap and start making good stuff! Failure is a part of the process, you just learning it now.

P.S : This is just me mind vomiting, so I apologize for any spelling or grammar mistakes.
P.S : The game I made for the cyberpunk jam can be played here