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Looking at College

Damn, I don't know what to think anymore. I had this tunnel vision perspective with digipen and how its the place of my dreams, but after seeing the price of tuition and room and board adding up to an astonishing $100,000 dollars, and all the dropout reviews of it I was in shock. My escape plan after high school was crushed. The fact that I'd have to be a math genius was difficult to access at first, but I know that applies to any computer science education. I was also fine with having to be broken and rebuilt with loads of work throughout the four years. The thing that caught me was the tuition, and the dropout rate. Everyone said just to go to community college and get a degree in computer science instead of being in debt for the next 10 years of your life with nothing to show for it. Perhaps I should just go to a state school where everything is much cheaper and I can just learn C++ and how to use all the engines and try to get connections and a job. Maybe I should take my friend up on that offer to skip college and become the next Steve Jobs in an RV heading to silicon valley? I don't really know, but the only reassuring thing in this new found confusion is that I've barely turned 15 and am still in high school a safe place where you have a roof over your head and can work freely on whatever you want without the high stakes.
P.S: If digipen has google alerts and sees this: I wanted to let you know I still really like your school and all the work that comes out of it, but I want a tour of the place and some fact checks from these reviews found on the internet.
P.SS: Why can't I just stay a teenager, and not have to worry about growing up; I don't want to make the mistake that everyone says they made with digipen, but I don't want to miss out either on the experiences to be had there. Ughh!!!