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Population Problem

Down with the patriarchy, we need to fix our over population issues: ANGST.
     So earlier today I was in Geography class and we were watching some film called "the human bomb" or "Population Bomb", or something along those lines and we saw how impoverished countries are struggling with overpopulation and its a problem. We technically are overpopulated here in America too, because the population uses up our resources faster than we can make them which is bad for the environment and the future generations, yet we don't pay attention to this as much since its only going to effect us later on after were dead. As for these underdeveloped countries that have a much higher population growth rate cant take care of their children and aren't doing anything about it. Kids are dying in these countries, because we aren't giving them the resources they need, because underdeveloped countries only get 25% of the worlds resources where we get 75%. Second they can'…