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Population Problem

Down with the patriarchy, we need to fix our over population issues: ANGST.

     So earlier today I was in Geography class and we were watching some film called "the human bomb" or "Population Bomb", or something along those lines and we saw how impoverished countries are struggling with overpopulation and its a problem. We technically are overpopulated here in America too, because the population uses up our resources faster than we can make them which is bad for the environment and the future generations, yet we don't pay attention to this as much since its only going to effect us later on after were dead. As for these underdeveloped countries that have a much higher population growth rate cant take care of their children and aren't doing anything about it. Kids are dying in these countries, because we aren't giving them the resources they need, because underdeveloped countries only get 25% of the worlds resources where we get 75%. Second they can't afford any birth control or depending on the country are not allowed to purchase any, and religion/the patriarchy is to blame. Religious beliefs strive toward supporting this belief that its better to have a son, so you can go to heaven, how women should be silent and subordinate, how its great to have as much children as possible, and how abortion is wrong, because you are taking away a life. That is total bullshit. 
     I don't care what you believe in whether its pro life or choice, we can't afford to argue about that and waste time when there are hundreds of kids dying every day from lack of food and nutrition and yet these uneducated people keep having more and more unhealthy kids in quantity than quality which isn't the way to go not when our resources are going to deplete in 50 years, unless we developed countries strive to do better, but capitalism and greed isn't going to let us do that. So the end statement is the 3rd world countries are screwed because of us, and we are screwed because of our own doings as well. There are billions of people in this world and only a handful are trying to do something rather than just point out the faults in the world, yet class interest makes history and if there isn't enough individuals organized well enough to do something as a singular face than there isn't a hope for anything to be done. I myself am mad at not doing anything, nor knowing what to do since I myself have to abide by the system and try my best to survive in it. 
     I myself am a hypocrite, because I haven't done anything to help and I blame it on not getting educated enough on how to move around the system and fix the problem from the source, but really its just me being to lazy to look into it further. Thats the real problem too, people being hypocrites, yet does it really matter to me... no. Thus the reason why I'm not making it my life mission to fix this broken system, because I'm worrying about using the system to my advantage rather than fixing it. Everything will happen in time, things change, and the only thing we can truly count on is man's stupidity. Notice how I said Man's not Woman's. This is my point. We pray for a cure to cancer, and we got her society, you just didn't let her get an education, and empower her. Overall you can say everything is prewritten, for a meaning, or no meaning at all and we get to the same place. Its all just a matter of fact now, and what happens happens; its best not to think big picture or else you'll ramble and go mad, and say no to everything to the point where you're not logical and appeasing nobody and with nobody helping you, nothing will get done. This has been a nice talk, and yeah. Thanks for listening to my rant.