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How to make your first game without really trying

So you want to make games, huh?
Something really ambitious, awesome, open world, and just epic? Too bad.
That big game isn't going to be your first game, because you need to fail before you can succeed.

For example one of my first games 0 Degrees was a terrible 2D platformer with the guy saves girl plot device with a twist at the end(s); it wasn't special, it was broken. The game had this huge bug, where you could jump, double jump, triple jump, and so on since I didn't think logically when I was 13 that you needed to detect if the player has landed on the ground before he could jump again, yet I played it off and made the mechanics around that bug. Of course it was terrible still, yet I finished it. It even got a review, which wasn't the nicest review, but it was a review none the less and I was proud. So the lesson is to make something simple, experiment, fail, make more stuff, fail quicker the next time, continue to make, release, then fail until you've made your own science around it to figure out your own style.