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C'mon Phil, are you kidding me?

"YouTubers should have to pay out a huge portion of their revenue to the developers from which they steal all their content" - Phil Fish
     Not only is this a ludicrous statement, but a statement that wont make you any friends. You may have a lot of attention for this Phil, but that doesn't make it good attention. Phil later compared video game lets plays to streaming an entire movie for free on the internet, which is stupid because games can't really be compared to any other medium since its exclusively interactive; everyone in video games will come out with a different personalized experience based on what they did, what they chose to do in the game, so its really content creation on both sides.
     Its not a matter of who owes who; its a matter of mutual benefit for the YouTuber and the developer, because the dev gets more traffic on their game from the YouTuber's audience and an excuse to not have to make a trailer for the game, whereas the YouTuber gets s…

Ah, the lovely lets play.

I really love YouTube and its people.
Things should just be free. Period, but people got to live. So I'll try making something free, and if it does well free...I'll go commercial and make it awesome!!! (Like SuperHot)
So here's the game. play it, please.