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The Relation Between Games and Theater

Before I start I think its important to let you know my background. My name is Steven Harmon, and I'm an independent game developer and actor. Odd combination right? Anyways, I think its important to reflect on how one can grow as an actor alongside a programmer making meaningful, helpful connections that are invaluable to any aspiring actor or game developer. So here it goes...

SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF           . What it is in game development and design: A good game immerses its player into the mechanics, story, audio, visual aesthetic, and execution. This is a difficult task, but there's some brief important concepts that need to stick with you to make life easier. People need to get drawn into the game; this can be done with interesting new game play mechanics or gimmicks, glamorous pieces of audiovisual art that take your breath away, and just a well written story. Bonus points if you can do all these! Remember its aesth…

Low Poly Art is go!

Conceptual Low Poly Art

Simulating low poly reactive water in Unity

Perlin Noise can be your best friend.

My angsty rant about Desura

Recently I had finished a game of mine called Interstellar Sex Police which I thought was one of my more polished games, so I decided I would put it on more places than one. I uploaded no problem to, Game Jolt, and Indiedb/Moddb, but Desura had a longer process; it was very similar, and almost identical to the process for Indiedb/Moddb except it needed to be approved. I waited, then waited, and waited until I found a message in my inbox: the message read "Hey there, Apologies for the delay as we've had a lot of game submissions. Unfortunately, we have decided not to move forward with publishing as the game does not have quite the level of polish we look for in games on Desura." I accept that, and the game was going to be free anyway... The thing that gets me is the "polish" they expect, because their most popular games that aren't triple AAA or popular mods, usually aren't very good. Nothing personal, its just some of the games I've dow…