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My angsty rant about Desura

     Recently I had finished a game of mine called Interstellar Sex Police which I thought was one of my more polished games, so I decided I would put it on more places than one. I uploaded no problem to, Game Jolt, and Indiedb/Moddb, but Desura had a longer process; it was very similar, and almost identical to the process for Indiedb/Moddb except it needed to be approved. I waited, then waited, and waited until I found a message in my inbox: the message read "Hey there, Apologies for the delay as we've had a lot of game submissions. Unfortunately, we have decided not to move forward with publishing as the game does not have quite the level of polish we look for in games on Desura." I accept that, and the game was going to be free anyway... The thing that gets me is the "polish" they expect, because their most popular games that aren't triple AAA or popular mods, usually aren't very good. Nothing personal, its just some of the games I've downloaded have been viruses. One thing I know for sure is my game isn't a virus.
     I think Desura has some really great games out there like Fibrillation, Tessallation, THAT, The Stanley Parable, Estranged, and more. Although, there are some really popular crap games that I as well as a lot of other people feel shouldn't belong there, yet they do; here are a few: Insert Title Here which claimed to be "An innovative, original and entertaining experiment." It was an offensive hallway simulator. Another was a game that looked cool called Baby Blues or something along those lines, but happened to be a virus and Norton immediately removed it and I had to restore the system to an earlier date. There are of course the tons and tons of the unfinished first person unity prefab with a gun zombie shooters out there, and gawd awful simulators which I'm pretty sure no developer really enjoys.
     Yes, I admit I'm a little disappointed that my game wasn't good enough for Desura, but for now its good enough for me: that's really all that matters. The only publisher I really would love to be a part of is Steam, PSN network, or Humble Bundle; I could care less about getting into Desura where people can rate and review games without even playing them, and the sales suck. I'm only a teenager, so my games aren't going to be that good compared to people who are doing this professionally, but someday I'm going to have to make a game to sell and when I do, I won't need Desura to do it.