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Nothing much, just recreating SUPER HOT...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but...

I consider myself a feminist, but at the same time I think its better to be an equalist even though it isn't an organised party of sorts. I read in TIME Magazine the other day about these free camps that help teach girls and girls alone computer science and help prepare them for a career. I get that there is a gap in men to women ratio of workers in math and computer sciences as well as sports (I hate sports by the way), but did it ever occur to them that its not the quota that says "Hi were not a discriminatory school! See we have the same amount of guys and girls in this one subject!", but maybe there isn't as much of an interest in these fields among girls? This may or may not be true, and I could sound like a total dick, but its something to think of. They try to force these girls in these camps to prove society wrong and to work in this industry, but every girl that doesn't want to be there could one less guy that might want to be there? Logic is weird,…

Looks like Norton got jealous of Unity

Facebook messenger the gateway to dystopian society? Maybe?

So if you haven't heard about Facebook's messenger app taking away any privacy you had on your phone, and being able to send messages to your contacts from you, then I think you should be more concerned. Personally I tried uninstalling Facebook from my phone, it wouldn't let me. Of course I can go and connect it to my desktop with a USB chord, then remove it manually, but will the average Joe consider that? Nope. This post, if visible is a warning to you that you should always confirm things in person, because the chat room isn't private. Steven out.

Go Home Ship You're Drunk

Fuck Physics Man...

Console War

The console wars are just plain stupid.
     I would love to have an Xbox and PlayStation, but I'm not made of money. Most people can only afford to have one console per generation of consoles, thus they attack the other console, because they can't have it. If someone has both systems, they would use them both for what they have to offer. Its just a matter of defending what you have, because you want your console to be more popular so that your friends will get one, and play with you. 

That was my little bit for the day!