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What is love, baby don't hurt me... Chemistry of love

Steven Harmon 9/29/2014
We all as a society view love as something that is from the heart, but the heart is really
just a muscular organ that pumps blood through vessels to provide nutrients and oxygen to
keep us alive, and remove toxins and waste from the body. So what does this weird organ
have anything to do with love? Well the human heart is in the chest which is where you have
noticeable effects of this “love” thing that includes stomach fluttering as well as heart
thumping, therefore people got the idea that love has something to do with our heart which is
partly true. This tongue tied, dry mouth, sweaty, nervousness we get when we see our crush
look our way is just a mixture of chemicals, thus the reason why people call it chemistry.
Love in itself is like a drug since people have it, and others really really really want it. People go to crazy lengths to get love, just like the lunatic druggies found on the side of Colfax do so for their fixes. Drugs are addictive from what I h…

How to deal with dramatic posts on Facebook

Memes, memes are always the answer.

Its funny, but ... I still hate bugs.

And just when I was about to send a build to the SUPER HOT guys...

Concept Art Is Go!!!

Rock N' Roll!!!

taken from my wop