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Creative Coming Out Ideas For Bisexuals

Coming out ideas
1. Hide n' Seek, then hide in the closet so when they find you, you can say "Wow, I thought I'd be in there forever!"
2. You: Did you know you can survive in space for over a minute without a spacesuit, also I'm bi. Other: WHAT?! You: Yup, over a minute. 3. "I'm straight...straight up bisexual" 4. Hangman __ ________ "I'm bisexual" 5. "Lets get something straight here: I'm not" 6. Throw penis shaped fruits n' veggies and say "These are some of my favorite things..." 7. Point at same sex crotch and ask to friend "You gonna eat that?" as if you were going to 8. Just act more flaming, so there's no need to come out. 9. Spell out "I'm bi" in scrabble on family game night, after you made family game night a thing. 10. Call parents/friends to come outside in the backyard to see a giant rainbow, then stand there with a sign saying "I'm bi! Surprise!!!"
11. Have selfie ca…

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Death of a Salesman, and mobile crap games

Steven Harmon Michael Thornton American Lit & Composition October 9 2014
American values      There are many values that are distinctly American, and can only happen in America. We believe in work and reward, honesty, practicality, free enterprise, self achievement, individualism, privacy, equality, time, change, and control over life; these things matter, although are they realistic or even feasible? In reading Death of a Salesman I find this hodgepodge we call “The American Dream” something that in a sense has to be interpreted correctly and used as a value, not a philosophy. I will delve into the text to find where Willy Lowman went wrong in his pursuit of happiness through his idealistic and materialistic values.      This is a man who is unable to accept the truth of his life, who mixes up his shattered abstraction of the American dream and his own life; this is Willy Lowman. You want him to be a worm like Bernard? He's got spirit, personality.” Line 375, and Bernard is workin…