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What happened to Indie Statik?!?!

I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to read some articles on Indie Statik today when I found this.  So WTF happened to it? I just wanted to read this article about a game of mine Awkward Dimensions.

Hopefully it isn't gone for good, because it was the best indie game journalism site out there. Maybe it has to do something with Josh's incident and Chris stepping down and maybe this new fireside thing? I really want to know what happened to Indie Statik, so if you could comment and give me some answer.

I wrote some poetry today

Ululate with apologies to Allen Ginsberg's Howl I saw the best minds of my generation dulled by easy access, bored hyperactive, confused, skimming the screen till morning for comfort waiting for a message, celestial outsiders yearning for a connection in their isolation, who work and pry and bagged-eyes and tired oh so tired chin on their knee in the darkness abyss of cold vacant beds static amongst the others engrossed in brainless activity, who slid by head down with mad minimum requirements and foolish free time, who ate on a full stomach with dormant brows echoing a collapsing cognition of Camping and Visits on a warm nigh rocking chair, open window, who were kicked from servers and schools alike for random death matches & pushing deadlines on the crevices of the mind palace, who cowered behind an electric monitor in boxers, multitasking with no defined goal in mind just work & playing classical: Chopin, Clair de lune, cranium overdose of words in wordless songs, open and emp…

I'm feeling like a...Naturalist today!

I try to be funny on tumblr