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I wrote some poetry today

with apologies to Allen Ginsberg's Howl
I saw the best minds of my generation dulled by easy access, bored hyperactive, confused, skimming the screen till morning for comfort waiting for a message, celestial outsiders yearning for a connection in their isolation,
who work and pry and bagged-eyes and tired oh so tired chin on their knee in the darkness abyss of cold vacant beds static amongst the others engrossed in brainless activity,
who slid by head down with mad minimum requirements and foolish free time,
who ate on a full stomach with dormant brows echoing a collapsing cognition of Camping and Visits on a warm nigh rocking chair, open window,
who were kicked from servers and schools alike for random death matches & pushing deadlines on the crevices of the mind palace,
who cowered behind an electric monitor in boxers, multitasking with no defined goal in mind just work & playing classical: Chopin, Clair de lune, cranium overdose of words in wordless songs, open and empty with a desire for less,
who played single player and level 100 one handed returning with self shame and a stuffy nose,
with sleepless nights, with lights, with invisible barriers, junk food and endless scrolls, parable choose your own then turn to page 15 for dummies of tremulous hobby and rain in the gamut froggering towards tomorrow eliminating today pulsating all of the banal in between,
blotter dysfunctional colliders of meshes a to z, 5th grade cafeterium, free forming consciousness over all niters, biters, too many tryharders, effectual zerg rushing surveys, tests, and questions draining possibility, sun and moon and neighbors in the snickering bipolar winter mornings of Colorado, injections of dopamine instantiated with every hug, serotonin null parched for companionship,
who lobbied themselves in servers of team-speak on steam until the brother’s clackety clak of keys and opinion fades out into the white noise of egoistical self hatred hiding hover hillside of perception,
a regiment of accessible idealists establishing themselves at one time or another off and on of Painter's room,
awkward dimensions in shooting the breeze of re-blogs and reconstructed memories and masturbation stats and ideals and dreams and solutions without problems of pure angst,
who sought refuge in innovation, dank art whilst listening to the same one hundred and fifteen songs on scramble,
who grew up bored with anything everything manythings to do to surround to contemplate, to compose to complain to arouse to immerse to read to watch to play, and became the neo hermit,
fight over flight choosing flight flight flight, working yet hurting the astral machinery of the brain (!abundent == oxytocin),
who let their expected expectations become themselves in a hollow eyed cosmos of habit resting his destiny on shoulders of the antecedent,

What enigma of Silicon and plastics pried their caskets and drained them of personalization?
Media! Confinement! Tests! Expectations! Putrid junk! Phones and invisible bitcoins! Ghosts of ourselves crying into our stuffed allies! Love letters without stamps! Suicidal pancake breakfasts!
Media! Media! Everlasting onslaught of Media! Media the toxic! Telepathic media! Media the cover over the worst of mankind.
Media whose soul devoted to manipulations! Media whose hands run afire in tribulation!
Media whose skin is an ozone!
Media is the phantom notifications control over the middle of the night! Media! Media! Media whose conveyer belts of depression feed on the depravity and contamination and honor! Media who has stalked our souls since the dawn of electricity!
Media gives sucking dick a bad name! Media whose kismet is a dessert of grain-less sand!
Media! Media! Media! Coin operated Media! Capitalist pig Media! Overexpensive health insurance Media! Monopoly Media!
They wrought his Media to necessity! Pages, Networks, idols, virtual, passe trophies, lost horizons! Creating the culmination which is everywhere and everything about us!
Heartfelt stories! warnings! talks of Ted! Humanist vs Religion! References! all the gross of crap!
Floods of information privatized commercialized advertized! Function Update () if Upworthy = false{
what is true?} // Old ones wrong and right! Spirits out of date and production! They don't make them like they used to! Cries for attention in the RSS feed of life! Leaping to the next this and that! Talks of conspiracy and Que Sera, Sera! Some cut into the fiber optics in a world so full of hate! In the next life!

Matisse Mallet! I'm with you in Denver
where you're more lonely than I am
I'm with you in Denver
where you do school online
I'm with you in Denver
where you are in the heart of the swarm
I'm with you in Denver
where you've comforted me in your logic
I'm with you in Denver
where you travel abroad the train of Rob
I'm with you in Denver
where you get a food truck job
I'm with you in Denver
where you load normals and textures in Java shader magic
I'm with you in Denver
where you jive that a post had gifted you cancer
I'm with you in Denver
where you would be asked about at school
I'm with you in Denver
where the machinery works pushing out sprites for the new Galaga
I'm with you in Denver
where you accuse everyone with your wisdom of being “so fucking depressed”, the first tid bit of truth I've heard today.
I'm with you in Denver
where I confide onto you my secret and it does not faze
I'm with you in Denver
where we will commence our journey to silicon valley in a rambunctious RV with our hacking decks with our creativity with our savings with our minds
I'm with you in Denver
where we wake up lobotomized from schooling, but free from this coma of twelve years by our own accord delirious by excitement of a rented house with the miasma basement off limits O my porch my beautiful porch O absurd prophecy the six weeks is almost over leaving us to our own devices O device graphics card, ivy bridge, tornado, cool water, and the great mitochondria of your processor guide us to freedom
I'm with you in Denver
in my words in my games you walk from Westminster via the flagella of I-twenty-drinking age in embrace in the jam of jams

Positive Negative Capability
We have to sustain our selves our family our friends our dogs our neighborhood cats here to serve and protect our junkies our always sometimes monsters our consuming of the beautiful divine oceans and countryside and forest and mountain and palm canopy and flashing auras of the night the Biophilia which we interact with the apes exalted by knowledge of self worth according to the brain disconnected by surge protectors protecting the right to explore screw hallucinate wandering profanities and learn, then die; dieting playing with hair puking starving for acceptance for appeal for the opportunity to be the little spoon safe in the arms of the masculine warmth warming fire from which even the homo-erectus had craved for in their amazing existence.
Life becomes easier shapes form from survival flee eating fleas to fighting fire with something other than fire giving leeway to multiple options vivid in appearance sculpting us from nothing in binaries which can and cannot be fit by the cis and I Kingdom come I will be done repeating repenting each night empty words to the holy influence asking myself logic: why must I do good for passage to heaven when one can be good for the sake of avoiding infinity leaving no value left in life's feats, so lights out; death being so frequent that living may be treacherous tremendous tremulous.
Words have no place for editing in this free flow free form freedom we call prose.
People die peoply cry people live people try people. People! Pe-op-le! 7*2+1X billions upon billions until we drink soylent for a breakfast Hendo hoverboard stroll with our bionic arms and legs recounting our ancestors tumblr pages.
Everything is fine, everything is on precisely on time, everything can be bought with a,
the media is fine the anxiety the ebola the war the shaming the crazies the politicians the people are all just fine.