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Just a few days with Black Ink, and this is what I have.

An Update

So to start off I view games as a therapeutic medium for self expression or self preservation for me. I came out to my parents the night I released the game. I didn't want to have them know from a video game, but I wanted them to know all the same. You never can fully know what will happen when you come out, if it goes good or bad; I would think in it in terms as if the scenario was a text adventure with branching endings that depended on how it happened, so I went through every possible outcome in my head since I was 12. I came up with a list a while back of fun ways to brake the ice when I do come out to my parents or friends; some of them are quite hilarious I think. I knew they wouldn't see the post since they don't read my blog at all, but these were opportunities that I was just waiting for that I might feel comfortable carrying out. I was caught off guard. My parents were watching YouTube on the ps3 in the living room and were looking for my videos (trailers an…

First Impressions on Black Ink

Just bought BlackInk last night, and I've been messing around with it drawing honey badgers since I had also just watched the documentary about them. Also tried getting my first gen galaxy connected to my pc as a drawing tablet, but its too old apparently, but I think I'm doing well with just a mouse. Writing with a mouse is the most difficult though.

Moar Glitch Art

Just a little preview to update ya'll on what I'm working on.

Snake risks life to save fish

Animals aren’t born with hate, because fishes are friends not food.

Trooo: The Ten Commandments of PC Gaming

G҉̕͘l̛̀i̧t͡ć̸ḩ͞͞ ̸UŔ̴s̸͠L͏EF̛̀ ̵͘cl̕e̛an̛͘̕

Glitch out whenever someone is on your mind.

Finding American values in not so American Places: Going after Cacciato

//Just read a book called Going After Cacciato and loved it, so here is an article I wrote just talking about it, thinking about it, and relating it to my life/the prompt. I fucking hate prompts.
Steven Harmon Teacher Michael Thorton American Lit & Composition 2 December 2014
American Values in not so American Places: Going After Cacciato      Tim O'Brien once said in an interview “America gave me Vietnam. I want to give it back.” (349) Going After Cacciato is more than just a war novel; its a peace novel. Sure its set in the Vietnam War with its mosquitoes, paddies, mines, muddy villages on fire, and the occasional lethal confrontation with the VC in checking tunnels before blowing them, but its in this surreal journey in catching Cacciato in Paris that raises questions on war itself and American values at that time. “He would of liked winning it, true, but that wasn’t the issue. He would've liked showing the medal to his father, the heavy feel of it, looking his father in the …

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