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I don't have a clue when the fuck I posted this as a draft, but if it helps you cool.

And I'm like...

Another Lit Essay I thought would be useful to fellow googlers

Steven Harmon
Teacher Michael Thorton
American Lit & Composition
6 May 2015

The “Bitchy Flibbergibbet” of Slaughterhouse-Five
      Obviously both Slaughterhouse-Five and Going After Cacciato are modernist war novels that use story structure to emphasize the mood or the mechanics of the story itself, however Kurt Vonnegut plays with the story and reality truths in something expected out of Phillip K. Dick or an episode of The Twilight Zone rather than the haze of war and it's reality through the lens of the soldier. Writing style aside Going After Cacciato holds the more traditional values from Democracy to the alienation and corruption from this materialistic conformity being the decline of the society, whereas in Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut uses the sci-fi and humor bits to drive the themes of egalitarianism, freedom of expression, and optimism which aren't all distinctly American, but in context hold very true to ideas valued in America.
     Going after Cacciato was a…

Blogg-er I hardly even know her

Some nature art

Yet somehow I managed to draw a penis into this one... Huh.