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Then who was photo?! Spoilers for Lis ep.5


Seriously though, Chloe had 2 guns : one from frank and the other from Nathan. Couldn't she had just gave Nathan's gun to Max? Even if Max was never given a firearm to pack, then Chloe should have been riding akimbo with both pistols and rekt Mr.Jefferson. Tssk... Tssk... Also I'm betting my money on Frank* saving Max, but things go to (not so good places), but she is still able to rewind from Warren's photo and save everyone probably by killing Chloe since her fate was to always die, therefore the only major merge conflict in space time is her being alive in the first place. Tears will jerk, and scrubs will get noscoped by an ever more powerful mad Max. ;) See what I did... nevermind.

Frank being a swarm of killer butterflies that suck the life and soul out of Mr.Jefferson in a brutal, gory, death scene. Or... that deer that's been following Max morphs into an anthropomorphic dear demon who sticks it's evil horns into Mr.Jefferson's abdomen, then proceedes to viciously shake it's blood covered burining head ripping Mr.Jefferson into oblivion... which so happens to invoke oblivion onto Arcadia* Bay.

[spoileri] Arcadia in greek mithos is loved for being an "unspoiled, harmonious wilderness.", so when it is both in space (the apartment construction and the angry natives) and time (Chloe's life being saved), it tries to correct itself. Just as Arcadia was subject to forest fires in 2007 to rid itself of the Megalopoli power plant which began operation in 1970; it is the same exact action and reaction to the macrocosm of Max's actions thus throwing it into the oncomming storm foreshadowed in the first episode. And Megalopolis, was one of the first urbanizations in Arcadia with it to be schools (Blackwell Academy), shops(Two Whales Diner), churches (The vortex club, those who posted warnings of the end days and envisioned it before Max even had her vision), hotels and other services (The new housing complexes and other constructional developments the prescotts have planned, and their arc is the dark room). See a pattern developing? Let's take another look...

Nah, I'm just kidding with you. I'm not some conspiracy theorist, however this was just a joke, however because of statistics, I'm going to say that these connections might have been intentional and intended from the start. And since most of the game has already been modeled, textured, and uv'd. This next episode will probably be a little easier to make (if you are able to go back in time from warren's checkpoint drunk photoshoot) therefore the possibility of "Frank" saving Max isn't out of question yet. KEK

I should write for this game.
Screw that, I'm a game developer...
Why don't I just make a s̶h̶i̶t̶t̶i̶e̶r̶  better telltale type story game with tons of ridiculous possibilities?
This needs to happen.
This is my dream game.
However first I'll draft it out in twine, publish the story on a kickstarter, raise 10,000, then start modeling, rigging, and animating, scripting, and during I go to a public arts school, so there will be willing good voice actors, they will be recorded with new equipment purchased from the kickstarter, and I will finish the game as lead designer with some contract work here and there for music licensing to marketing.
Whadya say?

LOL, just kidding... unless you aren't. In which case I'm not. Please give me money.