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Why I'm not going to focus all of my time into marketing Ultra Dance Murder

In this day of age the market for video games in general is too large and saturated for every "good" game to get noticed by the people and the press. You need one to get the other, but both are already busy. Press get thousands of games on their backlogs to play and review, so they don't review them. Even if they have tons of steam beta keys, and early access builds of the game, whatever... it won't really make too much of an impact on what games they feel like writing about. Sure it at least gets your foot in the door, however it's mostly luck here that chooses which games pass and fail in marketing.
     Creative people in general have to come to realize that they shouldn't expect success, ever. In fact, they shouldn't even work for it since the toxic concept of success is a destructive one. Games I've created for fun, and had the most fun creating are the ones that had received the most attention without any help from myself. Since I'm sti…

NEW Ultra Dance Murder 30 second long trailer