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Low Poly Cars are good for the soul...

The meaning of my life through Life Is Strange as of age 16

Steven Harmon
21 October 2015

The meaning of life through Life Is Strange as of age 16

     Choice in video games is usually offered only as an illusion, because the designer can only make a controlled environment, could only think of one thing at a time, and therefore could never design the ever expanding universe of space time, of all the possibilities... Life is strange is limited, but from the time manipulation mechanic allows the player to take as much control in terms of interaction as possible to get the very best ending possible, to be the best version of themselves as possible, to help everyone, to fall in love and be loved in return. It ironically shows us all at our best and our worsts in the dark room of behind our computer monitors in a case study, except for this one is ethical in it's reproduction, since it's virtual. The whole point of art, of video games is to be an empathy machine where we can learn to understand ourselves through our own choices, to learn ab…

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