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GGJ16 was a success. It was my first local game jam, and one of the best experiences of my life. When I first stepped foot at DU and watched the keynote everyone had around 10 minutes to socialize, then to find a team and give a pitch. I could have just worked by myself doing something I was very comfortable with (an experimental fps game with humor), but instead I went with the most friendly team. It was a lot of work, I did a lot of programming on UI and gameplay, then the art, sound, music, and design. Yet, I really don’t think I’d been able to do all of it if it weren’t for the rest of the team. 
     I ate very well considering I could of just had ramen and bagels for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for two days, but instead my team bought me food a majority of the time which is REALLY nice! I learned a lot about unity’s new UI Canvas system, animation, pixel art, and myself (It’s actually not a good idea to stay up early and “grind” ;) my way through work since you can’t code for shit when you’re half awake). This is by no means the best game I’ve ever made, but it’s far from being the worst and I will really cherish those memories.
     The game is currently the second most buggy thing I’ve ever released (first being that cyberpunk jam game I made), but it’s playable, and unique, and it was really only made in 48 hours SOOOO… it ain’t superhot by any means. Yet I think you’d really enjoy it, so give it a go! 
Title: The Grind
Controls: Arrow Keys to move and Space Bar to select
Link (may only be live for a little while): 

Credits:  AndrĂ© Stenkov, Andy Alstead, Angela Protzman, Kit Burgess, Robby Dran, Steven Harmon