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When I give the script to my voice actor...

Awkward Dimensions Redux Screenshot


So friday will either be... 1) A Euphoric day where things start to go good in my life. My play gets past the semi finalists for Playworks and I get Roger in The Producers. 2) An O.K day where I get both good and bad news. 3) A really shitty day where I get two pieces of bad news and am in need of some comfort food.  But hey, I'm 17 now as of yesterday... so that's cool I guess.

Game schools, yay or nay?

Note: This was written after a long day, not proofread or reread, just a stream of consciousness much like most of my writing and isn't my final opinion on the matter. I am open minded about college, and would go no questions asked if I was given enough financial aid (full ride) to make it logistically worth my while. So without further ado, another angsty junior high school blog post.
     Due to the fact that I'm not the most interested in college, since I've done enough research to know that most if not all game development programs in higher level education are a waste of time and money, yet the only viable solution where I could fill in some gaps in my education thus far. However most of the highest ranked and longest lasting game schools according to the Princeton review, are for profit, are possibly loosing their accreditation due to low employment rates, and the best most extensive programs make their graduates hate making games, and cause them to become depressiv…