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How should entertainment be consumed?

I honestly hate people who use video games as a scapegoat for society's problems. "Video games are evil, they cause school shootings and teach kids through latent learning and desensitization to violence to become murders!!!" And even though I love psychology and the thought behind it, at the end of the day it's all about money. Psychologists know that causation doesn't equal correlation, especially with all those pesky confounding variables that seem to be infinite. So why do psychologists attack games? It's easier than admitting that gun violence's root is the gun itself, but if you made that the story on television than who would fund or provide these psychologists with grants to do research? "People would start to want to regulate guns, the government would come to take them out of our dying corpses, and chaos would rain free with all them' gay hippies n' liberals..." I think you get my sarcasm as well as my point. However, ther…

Ultra Dance Murder Legacy is up!

It's not the remastered version I've been recently developing, its the version of the game that I abandoned. However, that wasn't very nice now was it... so I published what I had for the original online free to play for all. Enjoy! Play here or here.

7 Viewers a day

On average this blog, my personal everything blog, gets viewed by 7 strangers a day consistently. I'm curious who those people are, if they're the same people, if they actually get anything out of reading about my life, how they found this blog... So if you're one of the seven possible regulars, comment saying "Hello!".

Update: 5/10/2016

My play POSTAL didn't get past semi finalists, but I'm still going to continue to write. Screw them, and I know that's immature, but that's how I'm handling it. OK!?
Good news I got Roger in the producers, also a part in Hamlet! Hurray for being a good actor still!
Shitty news, I'm a lonely sunova bitch still. It is not better to have loved, have that love be unrequited, realize that's it's your fault because you had the opportunity for that relationship but screwed it up years earlier when you weren't ready, than not to have loved at all. I lied, it is, it just hurts. But hey! That's what you've got a tub of salsa and an entire bag of chips to yourself for! God I love comfort food.

End of the year self evaluation - Junior Year

1. What was the ONE big thing you took away from Solo Projects, Shakespeare, and TML? It's hard to group all of these different chaotic experiences together with just one lesson because they taught me very different things. However, I took away a better understanding of myself not just as an artist this time but as a person. I had the revelation in Solo Projects that I as a man can have emotions for myself, not some character I'm portraying, but genuine outward expression of what I'm feeling on the inside; I realized that there's a lot of negative and unhealthy patterns in my life, in my thought process, and behavior that have been to an extent self destructive that I've just ignored, suppressed, and kept quiet about but putting it onstage, in my games, and in writing has been the therapy I might have needed. Shakespeare was an exercise in trying to separate what I was feeling onstage vs real life, because when you're so caught up with the scene and really fee…

Merely Players

by. Steven Harmon      John Tierney says in an article “There is also a school of philosophers — in fact, perhaps the majority school — who consider free will compatible with their definition of determinism. These compatibilists believe that we do make choices, even though these choices are determined by previous events and influences,” and that does sound simple enough to understand at face value. However, such as simple answer to an infinitely deep question leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Many theologians would say that fate is predetermined and known by God, yet somehow man has free will regardless of God's foreknowledge. The logic behind the common reasoning seems misplaced as well, so in order to understand this complex problem it's important to break it down into small digestible bits.       Bit one: Time. Time is a collection and measurement of variable and events in the past, present, and future, and time in that sense is infinitely continuous in either direction. Time …