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Awkward Release Trailer: I JUST FINISHED THE GAME YO!

Modern art or my toddler sketches?

How to model a doggo in Blender 4 newbs

Get a reference image of doggo, press "N" and import said doggo image

In edit mode, extrude a plain and manipulate edges n' vertices to look like doggo

Extrude doggo with mirror modifier and clipping on, then delete faces between legs

Unwrap the doggo UV, then paint the doggo UV. Cycles is the best blender renderer.
Now you have a doggo, congrats!

Dank Arch Viz: The Sensual Architecture Sim that nobody asked for

Postal post mortem

It's July of 2016 now, one year ago I wrote a one act play titled Postal for a school assignment for my theatre class. My teacher had mentioned that I should enter a revised version of it to the international thespian playworks competition. If I won, I would be able to go to nationals for free on a scholarship and have my play get a staged reading and possibly published. So why not enter it? Skip ahead a couple of months, it's December and the deadline for submission is drawing near, so I submit. I get an email around February saying that I made it to semi finalists, really awesome! Then the wait... three months of agonizing waiting. Do I message them, and ask "what's the holdup?". Would that ruin my chances of getting selected? Would that make me come off as impatient or needy, maybe even unprofessional?! These thoughts ran through my head every moment in the day. Finally, it was mid may and I just couldn't wait any longer. Nationals was drawing near i…