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I only see the bad reviews

Less than a day ago my game Awkward Dimensions Redux was released. Since then it has been played by 3,779 players, 12 of which sent me very nicely written emails and or friend requests about how much they enjoyed the game and how it has affected them. There are as of now 48 reviews, and 4 of those reviews are negative. One review is actually fair, it mentioned how the game was too artistic for their tastes, but that an art school student would actually enjoy it. Another review said it was the "most pretentious shit" they've ever interacted with, which if you look at it can be a compliment. Third review admitted to the game being a good interesting game, but because they had a headache they couldn't give it a good review. And finally and foremost a seven paragraph essay chalked full of as many insults and profanity as possible. At first I had a good laugh at the immense detail and passion that went into crafting this essay of hate; it was impressive. However, I could…

Awkward Dimensions is now on Steam

Awkward Dimensions Redux's OST is now live on youtube

Okay people, I have an answer to the strife between black lives matter and all lives matter with a dank OC meme.

I can change the world with memes, even if it's one existential meme at a time.