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Visit me in Austin!

I got student showcase, that's pretty cool. Come visit my booth if you're in Austin, TX for sxsw.

More griptape progress

After much debate I think I'll keep the original trick system, but I will have a mini game trick session type thing where you can create your own tricks free form and play a game of S.K.A.T.E with god.

Griptape Progress is good

I locked myself in my room for 72 hours over the weekend + Martin Luther King day and managed to be somewhat productive. Here's some screenshots.
new npc quest
 I added a moon to the skybox  changed the board art Just realized I had hand placed each of the 1962 collectables on the map. And I still have more to place... what am I even doing with my life?!
And I still have to populate more parts of the map with dank ramps, more npc interactions and story elements, an ending, a kickass tutorial, and fix some annoying ass bugs with the movement physics... 
Seriously... if I didn't have school or a play to direct or college scholarship apps I'd be so much happier. Really. I really would. I probably could finish this game in two weeks if I was working full time... but I'll just have to wait. Hopefully Microsoft won't be pissed that I can't make the expected release this spring for Ultra Dance Murder, which I haven't even touched for forever...