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How to annoy all your friends on Facebook.


How to annoy all your friends on Facebook Aka: How to make gifs with sound... that autoplay... and loop. First step: Find a piece of audio or music that you want to be played. Your favorite song for example...
For added affect, amplify audio to a ridiculous volume (50X or so & check the "Allow clipping box"), apply a bit crusher affect (mda degrade in audacity is a nice plugin to do this; for distortion), and finally boost the bass to an annoying level for that extra distort. This should make it impossible for algorithms on the sites to detect protected audio, but also for the memes my dudes...

It should be noted that this will also go extremely well for unsuspecting people who are wearing headphones.

Step2: Find/Create/Edit the image for the gif! Needs to be saved as a .png, jpg, jpeg, or .bmp.

Fantastic! Great choice!

Step3: Make selected image the thumbnail (s…

How to get started in gaming as a programmer

Hi there, my name is Steven. Most of you might already know me, but for those of you who don’t and are new to my blog... I’m just your friendly independent game developer. I’m self-taught and learned everything I know about programming from library books, online documentation, tutorials, trial and error, and a lot of patience with myself. I'm far from a good programmer, but I firmly believe that ANYONE can make a game so if this helps someone get started then I'm all for it!
     So, you want to get started in gaming as a programmer? Maybe you are completely new to game development or are an artist who wants to broaden their horizons and become more self-sufficient, or want to become a designer like me and be able to talk programmer and artist alike? Welp, if that sums you up pretty well, this blog post is for you. As for those of you who already are sufficient in programming, feel free to read one of my angsty postmortems or memey posts.
     Okay! So, like most things …