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How to annoy all your friends on Facebook.




How to annoy all your friends on Facebook

Aka: How to make gifs with sound... that autoplay... and loop.

First step: Find a piece of audio or music that you want to be played. Your favorite song for example...

For added affect, amplify audio to a ridiculous volume (50X or so & check the "Allow clipping box"), apply a bit crusher affect (mda degrade in audacity is a nice plugin to do this; for distortion), and finally boost the bass to an annoying level for that extra distort. This should make it impossible for algorithms on the sites to detect protected audio, but also for the memes my dudes...

It should be noted that this will also go extremely well for unsuspecting people who are wearing headphones.

Step2: Find/Create/Edit the image for the gif! Needs to be saved as a .png, jpg, jpeg, or .bmp.

Fantastic! Great choice!

Step3: Make selected image the thumbnail (song cover art) on the audio file. This can be done in many ways, but the easiest, free, and most trustworthy solution is Mp3tag. So just download that if you don't already have it, it's great for personalized mix CDs, then add the image like so.

Then click the save icon and you should see the popup read "saved tag in 1 of 1 files."
Good work!

Step4: Turn that .mp3 into a .gif
It's really easy actually, you just got to rename the file and change the extension (left click on file & press F2, delete previous name and re-type). It'll give you a warning like the one below.

But just ignore it, then click "Yes" to finish up. So then you have a gif with sound.

Great! Now it's time to upload it to Facebook as an image on someone's wall, page, group, or post comment!

AAAaaaaaaannnnd you're done! Verify by visiting the post and listening to the autoplay gif goodness.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 
If you'd like to see more useless tutorials, hang around. 

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