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Resume & Portfolio advice for game developers and artists

Recently a family member of mine needed some help with her resume and that got me thinking of some principles to a good resume. While I'm no expert I have gotten professional help in college with my resume / portfolio through a college business class. I wanted to share what I learned in that class with some quick bullet points. Take everything with a grain of salt though, as the most important thing is to be yourself with how you present yourself. And some if not most of this may be common knowledge to you already so take no offence, this list is as much for me (to retain knowledge) as it is for you.
Okay so let's begin!
STEVEN'S RESUME COMMANDMENTS Your resume should be able to be scanned within 6-10 seconds (no fancy formatting or artsy stuff, keep it clean and as readable as possible for their software). Any employer worth their salt in a competitive field get dozens of resumes like yours per day. They spend on average less than 10 seconds to make a decision. That decis…