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New Site + updated Itch & IndieDB

So Plisweb, the original content hosting service I used to host my website previously for the past few years has gone under and is now permanently closed. Therefore I was forced to make a new website and honestly I'm very happy with the result. The new site is leagues better than before.

I also was able to update to include more of my older work in bundles as well as some of my newer work as well.

And when I updated my IndieDB by uploading Griptape Backbone and Player Known Battlegrounds to my surprise PKBG is doing really well. Usually it just gets lost in the search results because of PUBG, but the popularity on IndieDB keeps going up. So, if your game fails on one platform, always try another!

That's about it for this post. Hope you all have a good independence day, enjoy the fireworks.