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Post Hello Post Mortem For such a cute game, the development was anything but. What went wrong?Am I a bad partner?I love my partner on the game to death, but we weren’t the right partners for each other. Nothing against her either, this was her first game in Unity and my 56th. It's been so long since I've been a beginner that I've lost touch with what it's like to just start out making games and therefore the tasks I delegated were perhaps out of scope and her skillset. I suppose I wanted to work with someone new, someone I wasn’t friends with, because maybe deep down I knew that regardless of who I matched with I’d end up doing a majority of the work and grow resentful of my partner to be. Maybe I internalized this from the past horror stories I’ve heard from years past but even coming into this class and program I’ve been put in a unique position. Having a background in independent development and being self-taught I already have a process, a …

I'll have a post mortem coming soon, but for now... Enjoy this cute lil' game I spent the last 3rd of a semester working on.

Here's a little photo gallery