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"Why Can't Games Just Be Fun?"

I'm a dev, and here's my take on "fun", more specifically this video (penguinz0 's Why Can't Games Just Be Fun) which echoes what I've been hearing a lot lately from players which seems to have wildly mixed reactions in developer crowds.

TLDR: Our messages aren't shoved down your throats when you hold the spoon.

All games tell a story, even the ones that don't have a clear plot. All games are inherantly political because someone made it... People have biases whether they know it or not, it's their unconscious perspective - that's okay... but you'd have to really be projecting to dissect a deeper meaning from something like Tetris. Designers don't like the word "fun", not because we think all games must be "serious games", but because the word "fun" is super subjective... we like using more specific words when tackling design problems. It's not like there isn't any shortage of fun games that could…